You decide to enjoy your holiday in our cosy mountain lodges ... at a place in the nature of the polish giant mountains offside the growded tourism where prevail quiet and relaxation.

For that it is important for us that you will arrive without any stress and organisation ... that's why all our lodges are prepared for a contactless entry ... you decide when you will arrive and when you want to enter your lodge.

For this you will find you key in our masterlock keyboxes at hte lodges ... with your personal code ... and where your phone works as a bluetooth key too.

Here you find a small explanation how to handle the keyboxes after you book your holiday in our lodges.

We wish you a great and calm time!

book you holiday in our mountain lodges here online


after your booking we will send you the link to the masterlock app - your digital key to your lodge


click & download the 

Master Lock app,

create with your mail adress your profile & get verificated


click again on the link which we sended to you - now will open the Master Lock app and you get your personal code


we wish you a comfortable arrival ... you can open now the keybox anytime with your code or with your smartphone via bluetooth 


how it works ...