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Welcome to your private spa lodge. Each lodge is equipped with an infrared sauna and a rainforest shower in the bathroom.


The advantages of an infrared sauna are obvious ... you can feel the soothing warmth immediately after switching it on. The warming radiation goes deep into the muscles and helps to relax after a hiking tour, a stressful day, ski tour, ...


Our infrared sauna is very spacious and offers other features ... In addition to the integrated light therapy, there is also a radio with a USB connection ... so you can listen to your personal favorite songs to relax.

private spa infrared sauna


Time to breath and reload your energy. Therefore is waiting a private sunny terrace ... for tanning, relaxing, Yoga, or just to enjoy the wonderful garden around the terrace. 


a perfect spot after sauna & hot tub ... or even between ... are our XXL lay chairs. Offering place for two people the same time and a view in the mountains and the garden.

For a all around spa experience there is waiting for our guests our own herbal tea with ingrediencies growing around the domandi lodges. A tasty support of your healthiness.

In the warm month' you can pic and enjoy different herbals, berries & fruits from our garden.


sun lounger in the garden
private spa outdoor hot tub



Whether for warm moments or to cool off ... each lodge is equipped with a hot tub on their own terrace.


The bath tub in its XXL version offers space for up to 6 guests at the same time. Built from natural thermo wood on the outside, fitted with a fiberglass closure on the inside ... which is not only hygienic, but also offers pleasant seating comfort with its ergonomic shape.


The bath tub is equipped with a hot water and cold water connection. The insulation of the hot tub ensures that the water temperature remains pleasantly hot for a long time, even on cold winter days. The positive side effect of the direct hotwater connection? ... the Tub is in 1 h ready to enjoy (heating by stove around 3-4 h).


So go ahead ... take a dip in a cool bath after the sauna or relax hot on snowy days.


  • Please respect the night silence from 10,00 pm - 7.00 am.

  • Drain the water after use ... especially in winter due to frost damage!

  • The maximum capacity of 6 people must not be exceeded.

  • Glass and pointed objects are not permitted in the hot tub.

  • Never let children use the hot tub unsupervised.

  • Always cover the hot tub when not in use.

  • Entry and exit only via the stairs.

  • don’t swim too far.

Irreparable damage costs up to PLN 10,000.

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